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As you can tell by now, my name is Ric Wallace and I'm an Entertainment Production Professional. I am primarily a sound engineer, but over the years I have learned many other skills related to the entertainment industry


I began my career in the analog mixer/point source speaker era. Every cabinet was stacked on the stage or ground and all the mixers except the most expensive, had limited features and no dynamic processing whatsoever. Under conditions like that, soundmen had to know how to use limited resources (compared to studios) to achieve studio quality sound in what were often terrible acoustical spaces.It wasn't easy and there were many facets of PA tuning, gain structure and signal path that had to be constantly dealt with and adjusted precisely for every different space.

Modern line source speaker systems and digital consoles have all but eliminated the need to know how or why things like crossovers, limiters and compressors are setup, connected or adjusted. The PA system and the mixing console today are almost a single unified system. They certainly will be within a few years. But back in the old days, you had to know the ins and outs of every single piece of equipment in the PA system and be able to adjust it for maximal performance. The upshot of this story is this; Despite advances in mixers and PA systems, mature sound engineers with a lot of experience from the analog era are better at what they do because they understand the science of audio! If you want to sound like a CD during live performances, you need to take my classes and raise your awareness of what it means to have a "Sound Mind."

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As a sound engineer, I started dabbling with audio equipment in the late 70's. Eventually I financed the construction of my own PA system, and began working the local Seattle rock club scene in the early 80's. Eventually I partnered with someone and we built a very large PA system intended for touring. I met and worked for many bands during that era and began working directly for bands rather than the company. I toured the world with bands like the Butthole Surfers, Scatterbrain and Widespread Panic, just to name a few.

I have played many roles on tours over the years. I started as a sound engineer but soon became dissatisfied with the methods of operation tour managers used and decided I could do a better job. This often led to my performing the roles of tour manager and FOH sound engineer at the same time. Although a difficult and stressful position to be in, I often undertook the extra work because I believe that excellent regimentation abilities, a positive attitude and laid-back personality are all necessary qualities in a tour manager.

I teach several online course for beginning and professional sound engineers.

Live9 Audio Bootcamp (L9):Live Sound for beginners

Advanced Live Sound 201 (ALS:201):Professional Skills Course

Core24: Production Arts Vocational Education:Vocational Ed



A lifetime of serving the Arts

I have been a musician since I was 6 years old and I have dabbled in sound engineering since the late 70's. In the very early 80's I became a full time sound engineer and began working in night clubs and on tours. I have mixed literally thousands of live sets in the widest possible range of venues you can imagine! I have the ear, the techniques and the tricks to make any band sound great.

Author and Online Educator

I have authored 3 online course groups that are presented in 9 week, 8 week and 24 week courses. These courses can be found at;

Live9 Audio Boot camp (L9)

Advanced Live Sound 201 (ALS:201)

Core24: Production Arts Education

I have published two works of non fiction. The first being Live Sound Basics:The Fundamentals of Live Sound Engineering for Beginners.

The second being The Watermelon Multiverse!: 26 poems from the mind of a quizzical human

Production Director for Concerts and Festivals

As a Production Director (or Production Manager as some prefer to call it) I have produced large scale events in remote locations for Staging Directions Inc and have planned the production for large multi-day festivals.

Tour Sound Engineer & Tour Managers here for a short list of some of my tour experience.

Studio Engineer here for a list of some of the major projects I have recorded and produced..